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Wolfs Tattoo
(252) 335-5190
305 Hughes Blvd
Elizabeth City, NC
Wolfs Tattoo
(252) 264-5533
356 Ferry Rd
Hertford, NC
Ace In Hole Tattoo Inc
(252) 435-6200
237 Caratoke Hwy
Moyock, NC
O'mara Tattoo
(252) 331-2016
143 E Rich Blvd
Elizabeth City, NC

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Sleepy Hollow Studios Llc
(252) 535-5157
1016 Roanoke Ave
Roanoke Rapids, NC
Dyeing Rites Tattoo
(252) 333-1465
1016 W Ehringhaus St
Elizabeth City, NC
Little Empire LLC
(252) 426-3000
141 Ocean Hwy N
Durants Neck, NC
Mutiny Tattoo & Body Modification
(252) 491-5200
8717 Caratoke Hwy
Harbinger, NC
Ink Link Tatoos
(828) 268-0024
487 W King St
Boone, NC
Custom Tatoo Co
(252) 447-0511
123 Roosevelt Blvd
Havelock, NC
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Wrist tattoos

Wrist Tattoo Designs - Before considering the best body part locations for your tattoo design, we should ask ourselves if the wrist is actually the best location for a tattoo. Especially for tattoos for girls, with whom the wrist is a favored spot. As usual, it depends. Among other things, it depends on how brave you are, and how slender your arms and hands are. Remember this - the tattoo is going to draw attention to whatever part of the body it's on. If showing your wrists to the world causes you no anxiety or grief, then you're secure enough in yourself to go ahead and do it. Consider also that the wrist isn't always the easiest body part to keep concealed. Since many of us 'speak with our hands', the wrist is often in others' faces. If your workplace isn't tattoo-friendly, even long-sleeved shirts may occasionally betray the location of your tattoo. Generally speaking, wrist tattoos are more favored by women, while men prefer their designs more prominently displayed on their forearms. For women and girls, a wrist tattoo is often used as a form of permanent decoration, functioning like a bracelet.

Now for the good news - because the wrist is often in focus, it can say a lot about you. Are you sweet or defiant? A rebel or a traditionalist? A minimalist or sophisticated? Since wrist tattoos are small by necessity, it's one of the best tattoos for girls who want to make a subtle yet powerful impact. From a flower to flames, any clean and uncomplicated symbol works well on the wrist. Stars are among the most popular wrist designs.

A bracelet design encircles the wrist and acts like a piece of permanent jewellery. Any interlocking motif can be effective, from a rosary to Celtic knots to barbed wire. Text tattoos are an intriguing option, especially if designed in a foreign script like Japanese kanji. Gillian Anderson has 'every day' written in Sanskrit adorning the inside of her right wrist. Lindsay Lohan has 'breathe' tattooed on her wrist. All nine cast members of the "The Fellowship of the Ring" have been inked with the same tattoo design, many choosing their wrist as the spot for the tattoo. In the Elvish script invented by the story's author J.R.R. Tolkien, it says 'nine'.

You might think that tattoos for girls would be restricted to painless parts of the body, but wrist tattoos prove that isn't the case. With little subcutaneous tissue to cushion the impact of the tattoo needles, wrist tattoos can be relatively pain...

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