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Eyewitness Tattoo Inc
(918) 622-6824
2120 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa, OK
Eyewitness Tattoo Inc
(918) 622-6824
2142 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa, OK
King Tat Graphix
(918) 398-6366
4112 E 11th St
Tulsa, OK
Body Piercing By Nicole
(918) 712-1122
2727 E 15Th
Tulsa, OK
Ink Junky's Tatoos Studio Inc
(918) 272-9955
9200 N Garnett Rd
Owasso, OK
Leo's Exotic Artz
(918) 794-8569
2746 S. Memorial
Tulsa, OK
outsiders ink
(918) 749-8282
3735 S Harvard
Tulsa, OK
High Octane Tattoos
(918) 835-1177
4112 E 11Th St
Tulsa, OK
Idol Time Tattoo Inc
(918) 836-9998
124 W Archer St
Tulsa, OK
Bennett Tattooing && Body Pierc
(918) 227-6499
15 N Park St
Sapulpa, OK

Spiral tattoos

Spiral tattoo design ideas here! Spiral Tattoos - The spiral exists in many forms in nature, from the familiar curved horn of the ram or the goat, to the horns on the antelopes on the plains of Africa and the tusk on the narwal, to the shell of a snail or nautilus and the cluster of petals in a rose, all the way to magnetic fields at the earth's poles, and even in the galaxies swirling in space. The spiral seems to be nature's way of mesmerizing the observer with a sense of eternity. Spirals fascinated many early cultures, from the Celts and the Norse in Western and Northern Europe, to the Greeks and Romans around the Mediterranean. They saw the Equiangular Spiral, also known as the logarithmic spiral, Bernouli spiral and logistique and the study of the spiral helped fuel early mathematics and geometry. And it certainly influenced their art and the idea that there were laws and rules that governed proportion in both architecture and art. Think of the Golden Mean, also known as the Golden Ratio and the Divine Proportion. These ideas gave rise in turn to the Golden Rectangle and the Golden Triangle.

According to depth psychologists, the spiral symbolizes our inner and outer journey to God and the Self. In a word, our soul. And even that may be selling the spiral short. They've been described as'the actual shape of fluid energy evolving order from chaos'. Take a closer look at a DNA molecule and you'll see spiralling nucleic acids, the classic double helix.

Carl Jung proposed that symbols appear when there is a need to express what thought cannot think or what is only divined or felt. Tattoo designs and symbols, whether spirals or not, can also help us express what we feel but can not explain verbally. That may explain why some of the oldest examples of prehistoric art include spiral shapes painted or carved into rock. In fact, the spiral has left no human culture untouched. The symbol appeared in civilizations one after the other, notably Roman, Greek and Celtic, who freely decorated the objects of their culture with many mysterious motifs. The Celts even painted spirals on their naked bodies as an intimidation tactic while in hand-to-hand combat. Of course, the tattoo world is well familiar with the ancient Celtic genius for twisting plant and animals motifs into incredibly knotted spirals - a symbol for reaching the soul, attempting to understand God, the Universe and our place in it. For the Celts, there existed a Great Cosmic Loom that expressed the notion of a never-ending spirit.

Aboriginals in Australia often drew the spiral as a coiled snake. Islamic art, which prohibited the portrayal of people or animals in art, made good use of the spiral in its many glorious geometric designs. Spirals can also be found in oriental and Indian decoration.

Spirals keep showing up even today in the graphic logos of many organizations, usually symbolizing eternity, but also magic, dreams, and desires. And if the spiral is spinning, it imparts a sense of ca...

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