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Leo's Exotic Artz
(918) 794-8569
2746 S. Memorial
Tulsa, OK
Eyewitness Tattoo Inc
(918) 622-6824
2142 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa, OK
High Octane Tattoos
(918) 835-1177
4112 E 11Th St
Tulsa, OK
Body Piercing By Nicole
(918) 712-1122
2727 E 15Th
Tulsa, OK
Ink Junky's Tatoos Studio Inc
(918) 272-9955
9200 N Garnett Rd
Owasso, OK
Eyewitness Tattoo Inc
(918) 622-6824
2120 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa, OK
outsiders ink
(918) 749-8282
3735 S Harvard
Tulsa, OK
King Tat Graphix
(918) 398-6366
4112 E 11th St
Tulsa, OK
Idol Time Tattoo Inc
(918) 836-9998
124 W Archer St
Tulsa, OK
Bennett Tattooing && Body Pierc
(918) 227-6499
15 N Park St
Sapulpa, OK

Snake tattoos

Snake tattoo design ideas here! Snake Tattoos - Both the East and the West embrace snake tattoo designs, as the snake frequently appears in myths and legends in most cultures around the world. One of the oldest symbols in existence, the snake's image is found long before the written word appeared. Depending on culture, climate, and religion, the snake was seen as a friend or foe, a force both positive and negative. The snake's phallic shape has long made it a symbol of fertility, as well as the fact that many species of snakes mate in large balls of intertwined individuals, and the young emerge from eggs. Conversely, the widespread distribution of poisonous snakes have long made men have a healthy respect for the power that snakes have - literally one of life and death. In many myths, snake bites and snake venom are featured as representations of life and death. This duality often has snakes as symbols of the Underworld, or Underground.

The concept of the snake as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge goes back a long way. Legends from the most ancient civilizations tell of the snake or serpent bringing about the creation of the planets. Indeed, the myth of Ouroboros which emerged in 1600 years BC in Egypt, features an enormous serpent devouring its own tail, surviving by devouring itself, symbolizing an unending, eternal cycle of renewal. This idea of a cycle without end is an echo of the concept of infinity.

Snake images

In Greek mythology, the serpent was associated with the goddess of the moon. As a female symbol, it brings knowledge to mankind, while in other cultures it is portrayed as a goddess of mystery, birth and death. In India, snake cults worshipped her as goddess of fertility and prophecy. In Kundalini Yoga, the serpent energy is said to be coiled at the base of the spine, ready to rise from the sex centre in the service of higher consciousness. In the Americas, there are many myths that tell of Snake People living underground, both as guardians of the next world, and of helpers of humans still living in this one. Many of these myths are grounded in the observations that many snakes hibernate underground and seem to be renewed by shedding their skins on a regular basis.

Snake images

A snake (or pair of snakes) coiled around a staff is the symbol used by medical professionals, an icon that originated in Greek myth. Asclepius, the God of Medicine, observed one snake healing another with herbs, and thus was the art of medicine born. The Chinese zodiac contains the snake as one of its twelve animal signs. Those born under the sign of the snake are said to be rich in wisdom and charm, are intuitive and romantic, but also prone to sloth and vanity.

We're fascinated with the snake's ability to slough off its skin, a trick that has given rise to its association with rebirth and immortality. In some cultures, the snake is the river guardian, or the snake-spirit living in wells. Among Australian Aboriginals, the giant rainbow serpent is the symbol of creation, and in Af...

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