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Eyewitness Tattoo Inc
(918) 622-6824
2120 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa, OK
Leo's Exotic Artz
(918) 794-8569
2746 S. Memorial
Tulsa, OK
King Tat Graphix
(918) 398-6366
4112 E 11th St
Tulsa, OK
Body Piercing By Nicole
(918) 712-1122
2727 E 15Th
Tulsa, OK
Ink Junky's Tatoos Studio Inc
(918) 272-9955
9200 N Garnett Rd
Owasso, OK
Eyewitness Tattoo Inc
(918) 622-6824
2142 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa, OK
outsiders ink
(918) 749-8282
3735 S Harvard
Tulsa, OK
High Octane Tattoos
(918) 835-1177
4112 E 11Th St
Tulsa, OK
Idol Time Tattoo Inc
(918) 836-9998
124 W Archer St
Tulsa, OK
Bennett Tattooing && Body Pierc
(918) 227-6499
15 N Park St
Sapulpa, OK

Shark tattoos

Shark tattoos Shark Tattoo Designs - In the West, the shark is viewed as the world's greatest predator, and the shark tattoo a symbol of power and fearlessness. It's been a long tradition among sailors to have a shark tattoo as proof you are not afraid of death at sea - and for protection. Western sailors, always a superstitious lot, regarded the shark as a kind of sea vulture, sniffing out imminent death and hanging around boats, waiting for a meal. If you spotted a shark following your ship, it was ominous, indeed. It could only mean one thing -- someone was about to die.

For indigenous peoples around the world, whose appreciation of nature came from hunting and survival, the shark is seen as something more positive than the man-eating machine depicted in Jaws. It's a sacred animal, and its power and strength were more revered than feared. The totems of some First Nations in North America include the shark as a symbol of the hunter, for his ability to adapt and survive.

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In Australia, the shark is regarded with the same awe and respect that Westerners give the eagle or lion. The shark is considered a sacred symbol of the connection between the land and the sea, as well as a favourite food! Aborigines could recognize when a shark was 'fat', meaning 'ready for catching'. They came to believe that the many varieties of shark were placed on earth for the nourishment of man.

Polynesians also considered the shark to be a sacred animal. For them, the shark tattoo served to protect them from their enemies. A Polynesian fisherman would also sport tattoo symbols to protect him and his vessel from sharks in the waters where he fished. In Hawaii, you'll hear about the protective power of the aumakua, a row of tattooed dots around the ankle that keep sharks at bay. Legend tells of a woman swimming in the ocean and being attacked by a shark -- until it saw the tattoo. It let go and promised it wouldn't happen again!


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