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Scottish Lion Tattoos Atlanta GA

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Timeless Tattoo Inc
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Timeless Tattoo
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Holy Mother Tattoo
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Sacred Heart Tattoo Inc
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483 Moreland Ave Ne Ste
Atlanta, GA

Scottish Lion Tattoos

Scottish lion Scottish Lion or Lion of the North  Tattoo Designs - The Cross of Saint Andrew is the principal flag of Scotland, but the 'Lion Rampant' (as the Scottish Lion is known) is Scotland's second national flag. Rising up on its hind quarters, the Red Lion stands out against a yellow background bordered in red. According to some sources, the Rampant Lion emblem replaced the Boar on the Scottish flag in 1165.

Officially, the Lion Rampant is the personal banner of Scottish monarchs, and may only be used by royalty and Scottish government officials in their capacity as governors. Despite a 1672 ruling banning use of the flag, the Lyon Court rarely prosecutes those who fly it in the face of the law.

Scottish Lion The Scottish Lion may once have been the Irish Lion, imported to Scotland by Fergus, from whom the kings of Scotland descended. That earlier lion -- if you can believe myths going back to the 5th century -- was brought to Ireland from Egypt. Fergus is said to have reclaimed Scotland after the Romans drove the Scots from the land. He is proudly claimed by certain English Monarchs to be their ancestor, and it is perhaps in honor of Fergus that the same Lion Rampant later appeared as part of the Royal Arms.

The story goes that when Edward I of England took from Scotland the famous Stone of Destiny in 1296, he commissioned a coronation chair on which to mount it.. The chair was carved with the Scottish Lion, and sits today in Westminster Abbey.

UK Royal Coat of ArmsWhen King James VI of Scotland became James I of England in 1603, the separate kingdoms of Scotland and England became united under one monarch, and the Royal Coat of Arms included the Red Lion Rampant in the top right quadrant of the heraldic shield.

Attend any football match at which Scotland is playing, and the beloved Lion of Scotland is sure to be flying. The Lion Rampant displayed on the heraldic shield will be everywhere on shirts and badges. To the sound of "Scotland the Brave" thousands o...

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