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Scottish Clan Tattoos

Scottish clan badge tattoos Scottish Clan or Clan Tattoo Designs - Family crest, Heraldic crests, and family surnames have all long been favored tattooed designs. What's in a name? A great deal, if it's a Scottish name. Many have a history rich in myth, legend, and fierce battle. And strong ties to specific Clans . When the adventurous Scot took off for distant lands, he took his Scottish history with him, carrying it in his name. It was a badge he wore with pride, for it told the story of his family, his clan, and their long struggles for freedom against invaders both Roman and English, not to mention rival clans.

Over the centuries, a specific family name came to be associated with a particular tartan, so it was possible to identify a person's clan and possibly his name by the tartan they wore. You could also determine the region - there are thirteen of them across bonny Scotland -- by closely observing the pattern of the cloth, because the dyes were extracted from plants unique to the area where the clan lived.

Scottish clan badge tattoos In those bygone days of battle, a person or family might adopt the name of a clan when joining it for protection. Acknowledging and accepting the clan Chief would ensure your welcome into his community of families, and give you the right to wear the clan tartan. So, if your name was MacTavish and you wished to join the MacDougal clan, it could be done. Common ancestry was not a prerequisite then, nor is it today, so clansmen and women need not be blood-related.

The right to exclusivity arises with specific family tartans that have been passed down through the family members for generations. These rare tartans are the exclusive property of that specific family. In such cases, only the heir to that branch of the family -- and not just any MacTom, MacDick, or MacHarry -- may sport the tartan or make claim to the crest or coat of arms. Here, the heraldry laws in Scotland are keenly observed.

Today, the Scottish Clan tattoo continues to grow in popularity amongst many of the younger members of the ancient clans. Displaying the heraldry associated with that clan is a demonstration of pride greatly suited to body art. The correct blazon of the crest along with the particular plaid of the region can be sourced by many reputable on-line sites specializing in heraldry and titles.

Many Clan crests feature beautiful designs of stags, boars, griffons, swans, unicorns and other images that make wonderful tattoo designs symbolizing an individual's family...

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