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Eyewitness Tattoo Inc
(918) 622-6824
2142 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa, OK
Eyewitness Tattoo Inc
(918) 622-6824
2120 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa, OK
King Tat Graphix
(918) 398-6366
4112 E 11th St
Tulsa, OK
Body Piercing By Nicole
(918) 712-1122
2727 E 15Th
Tulsa, OK
Ink Junky's Tatoos Studio Inc
(918) 272-9955
9200 N Garnett Rd
Owasso, OK
Leo's Exotic Artz
(918) 794-8569
2746 S. Memorial
Tulsa, OK
outsiders ink
(918) 749-8282
3735 S Harvard
Tulsa, OK
High Octane Tattoos
(918) 835-1177
4112 E 11Th St
Tulsa, OK
Idol Time Tattoo Inc
(918) 836-9998
124 W Archer St
Tulsa, OK
Bennett Tattooing && Body Pierc
(918) 227-6499
15 N Park St
Sapulpa, OK

Rooster tattoos

Rooster tattoo symbol ideas Rooster Tattoo Designs - First to announce the dawn of a new day, the rooster is the universal symbol of the rising sun, and of renewal, resurrection and redemption. As the cockerel (or 'cock'), it is also a common representative of the male element. Virile, defender of the flock against intruders, ambitious, curious, self reliant and courageous, the cock may waver however when it comes to making a commitment. Vigilance and courage in declaring the truth have been attributed to the rooster in legends around the world.

The Chinese zodiac heralds the rooster as a hard worker, and as shrewd and definite in decision making, often speaking his mind. Because of this, roosters tend to seem boastful. They are dreamers and flashy dressers who are eccentric and extravagant to a fault. Born under this sign, you should be happy as a restaurant owner, publicist, soldier or world traveler.

Abraxas imageOne of the earliest appearances of the rooster was as Abraxas, a god with the head of a rooster and body of a serpent, which appeared in both Greek and Egyptian mythologies. It was not only a symbol of the sun but of darkness as well, a primal paradox combined in one entity. Amulets and charms with the Abraxas emblem were worn as protection.

A Christian story would have us believe that apparitions disappear at cock crow, a superstition referred to by Shakespeare in Hamlet in the lines, "The morning cock grew loud / and at the sound it (the ghost) shrank in haste away."

Religious metaphors abound concerning the rooster's clarion call dispelling evil spirits and warning the faithless. The 'weather cock' seen on many Christian church steeples became associated with vigilance, faith, and papal authority. The rooster was associated with Jesus' disciple, Peter. When Peter swore his fidelity, he was told that at the sound of the cock's crow (three times), he would have already betrayed his Lord. After the death of Christ, it was Peter, ironically, who became the head of the Church.

In the Far East, the rooster image was painted on doorways as protection. In Hindu symbology, the red rooster heralds wisdom, light and spiritual unfolding, while Japanese myth recounts a tale of the cockerel calling the sun-goddess from her cave, where her light was hidden from humans.

In Celtic myth, the rooster's resounding call warned the gods of danger, and as messenger of the underworld it lead the souls of the dead to the next world. In some ancient jurisdictions, eating the bird was forbidden, although in many of the old European and Celtic traditions, the rooster was offered as sacrifice during harvest rites, where the blood of the rooster returned to the earth.

French 20 franc gold coin imageThe rooster is still the unofficial emblem of France, and its historic links go back to ancient Gaul. Through its close relationship with the mother goddess, it became an emblem of fertility and birth. Its further association with courage, vigilance, bravery in battle...

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