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California Color Tattoo Studio
(520) 434-0853
5101 S 12Th Ave Ste D
Tucson, AZ
A California Color Tattoo Inc
(520) 434-0853
5452 S 12th Ave Ste 180
Tucson, AZ
Ink Bomb
(480) 831-2266
3016 N Dobson Rd Ste 16
Chandler, AZ
The Tattoo Shop
(520) 790-3555
5952 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ
Ink Town Tattoo Studio
(623) 875-0556
12237 Nw Grand Ave
El Mirage, AZ
California Color Tattoo Studio
(520) 434-0853
5452 S 12th Ave Ste 180
Tucson, AZ
AZ Ink Tattoos
(520) 358-5888
4712 S 12th Ave
Tucson, AZ
Arizona's Tattooland
(602) 230-1947
4121 N 19Th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Virtual Reality
(480) 833-6998
525 S Gilbert Rd Ste 3
Mesa, AZ
Artistic Skin Design
(602) 230-8333
664 W Camelback Rd
Phoenix, AZ

Ram tattoos

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Ram / Sheep tattoo designs Ram / Sheep Tattoo Designs - Like the wolf that stayed at the edge of an ancient campfire and over time became our constant companion, the dog, and in a similar fashion to other herd animals like cattle and goats, sheep were also among the very first wild animals to be domesticated. And in the transformation from a wild to a domestic creature, our images of sheep, both conscious and unconscious were forever altered. The ram is the male member of the sheep family, the female the ewe, and the lamb, the newborn.

Ten thousand years ago, Saharan rock paintings portrayed humans worshipping the ram, which was depicted with a solar disc between its horns. Symbol of spring and fire and the return of warm days, the ram has long been associated with new beginnings and strength and assertiveness. In the Greek Zodiac, Aries the Ram is the first of the twelve signs, and also the symbol of Mars, the Roman god of fire. Those born under this sign are potentially artistic with a great sense of fashion.

Sheep and ram images

Various gods of Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Middle East adopted the ram as their divine symbol. The ram with the 'Golden Fleece' was that fabulous beast owned by Hermes and sent in sacrifice to the sky god, Zeus. Its fleece became the symbol of heroic quests. In Egypt, the ram was a sacred temple animal admired for its virility and warlike attributes. The Egyptian Sun god, Osiris, is rendered with ram's horns that sweep back in two great spirals symbolizing primal creativity, solar power, fire and potency. In Indian mythology, the ram is the god of wealth.

As a totem animal, the ram and its great horns (that never stop growing) suggest powerful mental activity, curiosity and imagination. It is important for those guided by this animal spirit to keep their minds stimulated in order to optimize their mental potential. The aboriginal people in some regions of the Yangtse River valley in China still wear totemic head ornaments depicting the sheep.

Sheep and ram images

In myth and folklore, the ram and goat were often interchangeable. The Norse god, Thor, had two rams or goats pulling his chariot. But it is the powerful horns of the ram that inspired the 'battering ram' used to knock down the doors of the enemy. The horns were seen as a status symbol implying wealth and victory in battle. In ancient Persian mythology, the god of war and victory manifested as ten different animals, the ram being one of them. It was an important cult animal for the Celts and their god, Cernunnos, who favoured the ram-headed serpent as a symbol of renewal.

The idea of the ram and the image of two male rams smashing their heads together repeatedly for supremacy of a flock of female ewes permeates our language to this day. A dictionary listing of definitions of 'ram' leaves little doubt to the pervasiveness of the ram in our conscious and subconscious minds;

A male sheep. Any of several devices used to drive, batter, or ...

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