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Lasting Impressions
(270) 886-6352
3804 Lafayette Rd
Hopkinsville, KY
The Dancing Dragon Tattoo Studio
(270) 439-4465
P O Box 827
Oak Grove, KY
The Castle of Color Inc
(859) 881-5353
3023 Lexington Rd Ste A
Nicholasville, KY
Electric Art Tattoo & Piercing
(859) 272-8989
159C East Reynolds Road
Lexington, KY
Mike Hinkle
(502) 867-0313
399 Bourbon St
Georgetown, KY
The Dancing Dragon Tattoo Studio
(270) 439-4465
P O Box 827
Oak Grove, KY
Dancing Dragon Tattoo
(270) 439-4465
15234 Fort Campbell Blvd
Oak Grove, KY

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Bodean's Tattoos
(859) 624-0255
120 S 2Nd St
Richmond, KY
Art & Soul Tatoo Parlor
(502) 921-1844
337 S Buckman St
Shepherdsville, KY
Creative Ink Tattoo Studio
(502) 933-8844
9513 Dixie Hwy
Louisville, KY
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Poppy tattoos

Poppy Tattoos - The Anemone and Poppy are two more flowers associated with death and sleep. The latter, of course, has come to symbolize fallen soldiers of the two World Wars.

The Anemone is featured in the myth of Aphrodite mourning the death of Adonis -- the flower sprung from her tears. Fairies sleep in the closed petals of the Anemone, waking as the petals open in the morning, while the Opium Poppy became the symbol of sleep and oblivion. But the Anemone has a whole different meaning in the folklore of the middle ages, when it was a symbol of protection against evil.

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Flowers as tattoo designs and symbols can be far more than just pretty pictures on pretty girls. Flowers are the embodiment of nature and concise symbols of the cycle of birth, life, procreation, death and rebirth. Specific flowers have come to represent a myriad of different beliefs in different cultures. In the East, the lotus flower has tremendous spiritual significance, as does the rose in the West. Similarly, the tremendous spectrum of colors present in flowers can have symbolic importance; white for purity, red for passion, or to represent the blood of Christ are but a few examples.

Poppy image gallery

The shape of the flower, it's receptive cup-like form and it's passive role in fertilization, has been long been seen as a symbol of the feminine.

Poppy image gallery

Poppy Inspiration Gallery - Click here to get inspired! The symbolism of flowers remains largely hidden from us today. We encounter it daily, however, in art, literature, folklore, and ...

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