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Permanent Cosmetics Solutions LLC
(480) 474-4920
3440 E Turnberry Dr
Gilbert, AZ
Wicked Ways Tattoo Studio
(480) 288-1440
2033 W Apache Trl
Apache Junction, AZ

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Old School Tattoo
(480) 393-3937
5207 E University Dr
Mesa, AZ
Malefic Ink
(480) 813-4264
1111 N Gilbert Rd
Gilbert, AZ
In The Flesh
(480) 557-6833
1250 E Apache Blvd
Tempe, AZ
Lotus Black Tattooers
(480) 632-5485
2401 E Baseline Rd
Gilbert, AZ
Tiki Tattoo
(480) 984-1500
8310 E Main St
Mesa, AZ

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Black Lotus Tattooers
(480) 632-5485
2401 E Baseline Rd Ste 107
Gilbert, AZ
American Institute of Body Art
(480) 445-9428
1111 N Gilbert Rd Ste 108
Gilbert, AZ
Skin Lab Tattoo & Body Piercin
(480) 303-4121
3422 S Mill Ave
Tempe, AZ
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Leaf tattoos

Leaf tattoo design meanings Leaf Tattoo Designs - How important is the simple leaf to life on earth? Consider this -- without it, evolution would have taken a radically different course. Light is processed through the cells of a leaf to create energy. The process is called photosynthesis, during which oxygen is released into the atmosphere. Leaves, from the smallest plants hugging the earth to the mightiest trees that tower far above us, are a food source for just about all living creatures, from the insect to the elephant, not to mention human beings. In ancient cultures, certain leaves were food for the gods, and why not? They constituted much of folk medicine, and now form the basis of modern pharmaceuticals. Many leaves are used in many cultures all around the world for the unique properties of the oils they contain, as spices -- think of the bay leaf, basil and oregano in your tomato sauce, not to mention the rosemary on your lamb -- and for their fragrant scent in perfumes and body oils, such as lavender.

Tattoo art has embraced many leaf motifs, one of the most popular being the Japanese maple, a symbol of time passing. The design often conveys the leaves as floating, carried on the wind. In Japan, it's also the symbol of lovers. In some Japanese tattoo designs, canopies of maple leaves float over shoulders and drift over the torso. Another favourite for covering large areas of the anatomy are bamboo leaves . The samurai's sword guard - the tsuba -- was often inscribed with a leaf motif signifying status and reflecting the personality of the owner.

One of the most sacred and most beautiful leaves is the lotus, whose symbolism goes back thousands of years. In sacred Buddha art it is depicted seated on a giant lotus leaf - an emblem of purity and beauty. It also carries a lesson about living in the world, since it grows in the mud yet remains untainted by it. The lotus retains its pristine purity in part because of the leaf's capacity to filter away dust and dirt. Apparently, nothing sticks to the lotus due to microscopic bumps of its surface. Young lotus leaves are edible.

Leaf tattoo design meanings Another 'sacred' leaf is the olive, to this day still the symbol of Olympic victory. In Greek mythology it was attributed to the goddess Athena, and remains a symbol of peace and security. In the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark, Noah spotted the dove carrying an olive leaf, by which he knew that the flood waters were receding and his people were saved. A crown or laurel of olive leaves were awarded to the victors in the Greek Olympic Games.

The poplar, or aspen leaf, famed for its trembling movements, was called the talking, whispering, quivering tree. In Native American folklore, the poplar is seen as a tree whose leaves may tremble, yet the tree does not bow, even to the Great Spirit. That leaf symbolizes courage and respect. The willow - the tree of enchantment - lends its leaves to young women who press them into sachets and wear them around their necks ...

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