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Bright Ideas
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The Jade Monkey Tattoo And Piercing
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California Color Tattoo Studio
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A California Color Tattoo Inc
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Lucky Draw Tatoo
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Liquid Visions Tattoo && Body Piercing
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Insect tattoos

Insect Tattoos - Insects are the most diverse group of creatures on earth, and they number well over 800,000 species. Insects range in a spectrum of forms and function that goes from the horribly disgusting to the breathtakingly beautiful. Some insects we fear because of poisonous bites or stings and other insects form an important part of the human diet! But love them or loathe them, insect inspired tattoo designs seem to be worn by a uniquely and imaginatively different crowd of tattoo enthusiasts.

From simple outlines to intricate shading, filling and design, insect tattoos really run the full gamut of tattoo genres. Insect tattoos captivate our attention in part because most of us have an instinctual aversion to insects and we find it so incredibly unexpected to see them decorating human flesh so comfortably. Most cultures around the world feature stories and myths that prominently feature insects and their perceived qualities, and in their industriousness we often find parallels with the human condition.

Evolutionary biologist J.B.S. Haldane was one of the pre-eminent scholars in the field of evolutionary genetics and the mathematical formulas inherent in genetic mutations through multiple generations. When a Clergyman asked Haldane what could be inferred about the mind of the Creator from the works of Creation, Haldane famously replied, "He seems to have an inordinate fondness for beetles". Over forty percent of all described insect species are beetles - numbering some 350,000 species. Estimates put the total number of species, described and un-described, at between 5 and 8 million. The number of beetle species is more than six times the number of all vertebrate species combined.

That being the case, you would think that there would be a great many more beetle and insect tattoo designs! Still, two of the most popular insect tattoo designs are Scarab Beetles and Ladybugs.

And lo and behold there are many popular insect tattoo designs. The single most popular single specific tattoo design is the butterfly. No other single tattoo design even comes close. It is the first choice of women when getting a tattoo. No beetle, but certainly an insect. And other insects have long been popular in traditional tattoo designs among the world's many indigenous peoples, symbolizing as they do myths and stories going back to the earliest dawn of time. And in these myths, insects are often the servants or messengers of Gods, or Gods and Goddesses in disguise. The Greek myth of the spider is a classic example.

According to the Greeks, Athena was the patron goddess of weaving. A young village woman, Arachne, was such a skilled weaver that others remarked that she must have been trained by Athena herself. Arachne laughed and said she had been taught by no one. An angry Athena challenged Arachne to a weaving contest, and when Arachne chose as the affairs between Gods and mortals as the subject for her tapestry, an en...

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