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Jack & Diane's Inc
(228) 864-4764
3105 25th Ave
Gulfport, MS
Stevenson Enterprises Inc
(228) 867-1552
2715 25Th Ave
Gulfport, MS
Studio Inc Tattoo
(000) 000-0000
212 D Hwy. 90
Saint Louis, MS
California Tattoo
(228) 435-7436
1622 Pass Rd
Biloxi, MS
California Tattoo
(228) 435-7436
1622 Pass Rd
Biloxi, MS
Jack && Diane's Kustom Tattooing Inc.
(228) 864-4764
510 Broad Ave
Gulfport, MS
Adrenaline Tattoo Co
(228) 214-0018
3803 25th Ave A
Gulfport, MS
Bayside Tattoo
(228) 463-0026
1060A Highway 90
Bay Saint Louis, MS
Coast Tattoo
(228) 435-7837
263 Iberville Dr
Biloxi, MS
King Pin Tattoo & Piercing
(228) 396-0309
4085 Popps Ferry Rd
Diberville, MS

Fox tattoos

Fox tattoo designs and symbols Fox Tattoo Designs - The fox is a fascinating symbol, a cunning predator whose small size makes it both predator and prey in the great pyramid of the hunters and the hunted. Not at the apex as a killer, but never to be taken lightly as a carnivore or omnivore. Shape shifter, cunning trickster, and traveller of the twilight hours, the fox emerges as a symbol of magic and luck, both good and bad. Men have often identified with the fox and its cousin, the coyote . Never as powerful or as omnipotent as apex predators like the wolf , the bear , the lion and the shark , like the fox we humans succeed by our wits and skill, our cunning and our guile. Mental agility trumps brawn. The success of the fox can be judged in part by its widespread distribution all over the world.

Intelligent, agile and charming, the fox became a symbol of wildness and diplomacy. Being a nocturnal creature, adept at maneuvering in the dark, and in the twilight hours of dawn & dusk, the fox entered myth and folklore as a messenger of the gods and as a communicator between souls of the living and the dead. The fox was the great go-between and intermediary. The ability of the Arctic fox to change its colouring with the seasons, brown in Spring & Summer, white in Fall & Winter, made it a familiar of shamans and medicine man and leant greater credence to the foxes' reputation as a messenger between the conscious & unconscious worlds, the Spirit World and Reality.

Arctic fox in winter colors

Known for its ability to evade angry farmers by blending into its surroundings, the fox earned a reputation as a trickster and a creature with powers of invisibility. Clever and swift, the fox could outwit predators by circling, crossing, and doubling back on his tracks, causing havoc with the hunter and his hounds. As a hunter itself, the fox 'charms' its prey by whirling and prancing about until it has a captive audience -- then the wily creature will pounce. The prey, literally, "out-foxed". And in the end, a tasty meal for the wily fox.

Throughout the ancient world, the fox has been associated with supernatural powers, prompting humans to solicit its help in seeking favours from the gods. Many ancient cultures had fox deities that symbolized power and stealth. The Greeks had their Teumessian Fox that could never be caught. It was sent by the gods to prey on the children of Thebes as punishment for some national outrage. Ancient Egyptians had their mythical shape-shifting beast named Thaloc, who possessed the power to steal human souls and converse with both angels and demons.

In pre-Christian Europe, the fox was a symbol of the gods of the forest, mountain and vegetation. Spring and winter solstice celebrations saw sacrifices made to the fox, who stood for fertility. The Scandinavians called him 'Fire Fox' and referred to the Northern Lights as 'fox fires'. When thunder rolled overhead, 'the fox was brewing'.

Folklore generally depicts the fox ...

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