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Tommy Spaulding Tattoo Studio
(518) 482-6477
628 Central Ave
Albany, NY
Lucky Tattoo & Body Piercing
(518) 436-7877
344 Central Ave
Albany, NY
Albany Tattoo
(518) 463-6604
330 Delaware Ave
Albany, NY
Toxic Inc - Primal Graphics
(518) 427-6824
1955 Central Ave
Albany, NY
Impulse Tattoo
(518) 783-8282
648 Loudon Rd
Latham, NY
Lucky Tattoo && Body Piercing
(518) 436-7877
344 Central Ave
Albany, NY
Lark Street Tattoo
(518) 432-1905
274 Lark Street
Albany, NY
The 1092 Presidents Lounge Llc
(518) 689-0730
1092 Madison Ave
Albany, NY
Tom Spaulding Tattoo Studio Inc
(518) 427-9394
12 Robin Ln
Rensselaer, NY
Hooligan Tattoo
(518) 783-7063
640 New Loudon Rd Ste 3
Latham, NY

Flag tattoos

Flag & patriotic tattoo designs Flag Tattoos - Few symbols are as powerful at identifying an individual as belonging to a particular tribe or group than a patriotic tattoo; and there is perhaps no greater symbol identifying a sovereign nation than its flag, so it should come as no surprise that flags are extraordinarily popular as patriotic tattoo designs.

Flag tattoos can be straightforward renditions of a countries flag or they can be heavily stylized. In many cases, flag tattoos are designed to show the colours of the national flag within an outline of the shape of the country in question. This is particularly true of the United States of America. For this style of tattoo, it helps to have a flag-shaped country, but you will often see this design in use in Ireland, Canada, Great Britain with the colours of the Union Jack laid over the islands, France, Australia and many others.

Flag tattoo designs are a powerful way for an individual to symbolize their love, devotion, patriotism and sense of national pride for their country.

Often times elements of the flag, its central design or its colours will be used to symbolize a patriotic tattoo, such as in Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Lebanon, or Japan.

Flag & patriotic tattoo designs Since the emotional ties to ones country can be as strong as the bonds we feel for our families, émigrés or immigrants will often get tattoos that pair the flag of their old country with that of their new one.

Flag & patriotic tattoo designs For individuals serving in the military services of their nation, flags often play a prominent role in the tattoo design that they wear. This is especially true in the military service tattoos of the United States and Great Britain, where "Old Glory", "The Stars and Stripes" and the Union Jack are often central design features in military tattoos. See Also, Military Tattoos

In Memorial tattoos dedicated to fallen comrades, a fallen or draped flag, or a flag a half-mast is a powerful symbol of the ultimate sacrifice, a life ...

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