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Magic Shadow Tattoos
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Elvish tattoos

Elvish script tattoo designs Elvish Alphabet Tattoo Designs - It is a testament to the breadth and scope of J.R.R.Tolkien's vision and imagination that the Elvish Alphabet or Script should be a popular tattoo motive, because the Elvish Alphabet is an invented language. Tolkien was a professor at Oxford from 1925-1959, a philologist, poet and a writer, but is best known as the author of The Hobbit and the trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. The success of those novels spawned an entire genre of 'fantasy' fiction, of invented worlds and realms. Tolkien's passion for language and literature, and his gift for linguistics, were the genesis for his creation of Elvish and other languages. Tolkien himself asserted that much of his writing grew out of the languages he created and the mythologies he constructed around them.

Elvish is the language spoken by the race of Elves in Lord of the Rings, and the nine main cast members cast of the popular film trilogy of the same name, all got tattoos in Elvish as a memento of their time spent on the picture. The Elven Race in The Lord of the Rings are reminiscent of elves featured in many Scandinavian and other Northern European myths and stories. Elves have many special, even magical gifts, and they are often featured in the tales of humans who are on a quest or journey of self-discovery. The Elvish language that Tolkien created drew heavily from Finnish and Welsh.

The Ring of Power Inscription (in Black Speech mode)

Orlando Bloom played the Elven Warrior, Legolas in The Lord of the Rings and his character, aside from being immortal like all Elves, is the embodiment of all the virtues that the human race aspires to emulate.

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien's name in Elvish

The popularity of Tolkien's writings has created an international following of scholars, enthusiasts and hobbyists who are devoted to the study of Tolkien's invented languages, of which Elvish is the primary focus.

Elvish alphabet script
Tolkien's Phonetic English Tengw...

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