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Death tattoos

Skull tattoo design Death Tattoos - Of all the things that we can be sure of in life, the only thing we can know with absolute certainty is that we will die. Death is inevitable. From the moment of birth we all begin the long, or perhaps tragically short, march towards death. We will all leave this mortal coil. We will all, regardless of social status or rank, Kings and peasants alike, be consumed by fire and flame or by worms and decay.

There is no one single tattoo design or symbol that represents Death, unless of course you count the literal - tattoo designs that spell out the word Death in one language or another. And it could well be argued that nearly all tattooing explores some symbolic reference to Death. The opposite state of Death is of course, Life. And most tattooing, both ancient and modern, explores some aspect of the duality of Life and Death.

Death is a universally shared experience, part of the human condition and yet the diversity of beliefs about death among the worlds many cultures is extraordinarily wide-ranging.

The classic symbols of Death have been, Skulls which represent the aftermath of Life, the Grim Reaper , Demons , and the Devil , who at the moment of Death comes to collect your Soul, Angels and Spirit Guides , which some believe will escort you to Heaven, an afterlife or Spirit World, or any of the many agents of Death, those animals, creatures and objects that we have come to associate with the termination of Life.

These tattoo symbols have all represented Death at various times, and in many different cultures - Snakes , Scorpions , and Spiders - all whose poisonous bite could end your life, Dragons , Tigers , Lions , Jaguars , Bears , Sharks and any number of other apex predators and Mythic creatures who could eat you if they so chose, Lightning , Knives , Daggers , Swords , and other instruments of destruction, war, plague, pestilence and disease. Think of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Modern symbols that can symbolize Death can be hypodermic needles, or pills, signifying death from an overdose of drugs. Bio-Hazard and Radiation and Poison Symbols can also symbolize Death.

In those cultures who are not monotheist, which is the belief that there is only one God or Supreme Being; such as modern Christianity, Judaism and Islam for instance; the polytheist cultures have many Gods and Goddesses and Divine Beings, in which there is almost always a God or Goddess who is the agent of Death and the collector of Souls. Here is but a small sampling:

Among all the ancient Egyptian gods Anubis is the one who was chosen to be the God of Death and Dying. He was also considered to be the God of the Underworld. Anubis had the body of a human and the Head of a Jackal. But it was Osiris, husband of Isis, who was the Goddess of Life, who eventually became the God of Death and Re-Birth.

The Buddhist Lord of the Dead, Yama , has five skulls around his head, signifying the conquest of anger, greed, prid...

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