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Knife / Dagger tattoos

Knife and dagger tattoo symbol meanings Knife / Dagger Tattoos - Knife and Dagger Tattoo designs and symbols are a reoccurring theme and image (that means they pop up a lot!) in many different tattoo genres and eras, and are often tattooed by themselves as a singular object or as an integral part of a gruesome tale!

The ancient Aztecs used special ceremonial daggers to cut the still beating hearts out of their human sacrifices as they paid homage to their Gods. Such a dagger represented the fearsome and capricious power of the Gods.

Throughout the Middle East, in Babylon, Mesopotamia, Persia and many other cultures, knives were used to kill animals on special altars to sacrifice them to the Gods. The image of a knife and blood-letting and death are all firmly intertwined. The ability to spill blood, the very essence of life, is an extraordinarily powerful image and a very potent symbol. At its most primal level, the knife or dagger represents Death.

Knife and dagger tattoo symbol meanings Daggers and knives are present in many Military tattoos because of their use as a weapon - perfect for close fighting and because of their silence. Special Forces Units are particularly prone to using daggers in their regimental and unit crests. The symbolism of a knife or dagger tattoo in a military design is very similar to that of a sword, with perhaps a slightly less noble pedigree. The knife or dagger represents ferocity, quickness, tenacity and death at the hands of another. The knife can also represent an assassin.

As a weapon, the knife and dagger go back to the most ancient of times, and the sword evolved as a weapon in an arm's race to make the biggest, most dangerous and most powerful dagger. All knights and noblemen carried daggers as weapons in addition to their spears and lances and swords, because a knife or dagger was literally a fighting man's last line of defense. When you and an enemy were face to face, when your spear was thrown or broken, when your sword was struck from your hand, you still had a chance - you reached for the knife or dagger in your belt.

But the knife or dagger was more than just a weapon to a fighting man, or make that any man at all. It was also the primary tool in his arsenal. Knives were used to skin animals, fashion shelter, sharpen sticks to make in to other weapons, and most importantly, to eat with! The knife was the utility tool of its day for the better part of the history of mankind. Even before the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, men were making lethal knives chipped out of flint and attached to bone or antler hilts.

Because a knife had so many uses, and was used by every member of early cultures, the rich and wealthy, the powerful and the Nobility, soon began to decorate the hilts of their daggers with gold and jewels until they became potent symbols of rank. A Nobleman displayed his wealth and his rank when he used his best dagger to spear a piece of meat when he sat down with his peers. A bejeweled dagger was a powerful status item.

Even today, an in...

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