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Crazy Life Tattoo
(270) 849-3420
214 E Main St
Campbellsville, KY
Crazy Life Tattoo
(270) 849-3420
602 W Main St
Campbellsville, KY

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Different Shades Tattoo
(270) 831-2009
1205 S Green St Unit 3
Henderson, KY
Puff N Topes Stuff
(270) 444-9993
3301 Park Ave
Paducah, KY
Main Street Ink && Body Piercing
(606) 784-1997
164 E Main St
Morehead, KY
Crazy Life Tattoo
(270) 849-3420
214 E Main St
Campbellsville, KY
Art Attack
(859) 625-9394
140 E Main St
Richmond, KY
Body Art
(859) 431-2998
1562 Madison Ave
Covington, KY
My Reality
(270) 759-5600
1415 Main St
Murray, KY
Clown Tut Inc
(502) 349-6387
141 Carey Ct
Bardstown, KY
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Crescent Moon tattoos

Crescent moon and stars tattoo design meanings Crescent Moon & Stars Tattoo - Both the Moon and Star or Stars are among the most popular tattoo designs in the world. But what is the unique significance and symbolism behind a Crescent Moon, accompanied by a Star?

Many, many moons ago, long before the Turks converted to Islam and adopted the crescent moon and star as central emblems for their national flag, the moon and the star were symbols of their shamanistic beliefs. It was also the symbol of the ancient city of Byzantium (Istanbul), which was conquered by Osman, founder of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century. Osman dreamt of a crescent moon hanging over the entire world, so he kept it as a symbol of his conquest, and as a symbol of the Ottoman dynasty.

Crescent moon and stars tattoo design meanings As battles between Turks and Christians raged across Europe and beyond, the crescent moon and star were mistakenly attributed to the Islamic faith. However, Islam has historically had no symbol or symbols - in fact there is a disdain within Islam for the use of iconic symbols - and many Muslims find its use blasphemous, even to this day. After all, the moon and star used in conjunction were originally pagan icons. Though the Crescent Moon and a Star appear on the flags of several Muslim countries, it should be seen more as a historical symbol of the land, the territory or the empire, rather than of a state religion.

Crescent moon and stars tattoo design meanings The flag that fluttered over the ancient city of Byzantium probably paid homage to the ancient gods of vegetation and the hunt. It may also have honored the Goddess, Diana. In the West, we know of the moon as governing the female principles of instincts, moods, tides, mystery, receptivity, feminine strength, and sex. It's all about stillness and darkness. A deeper look suggests however that the moon is the embodiment of the Divine, from which everything comes, even the masculine.

Cresent moon and star island

Crescent moon and stars tattoo design meanings The ancients, and early man - hunters and gatherers - believed that out of darkness came light, the moon gave rise to the sun and the masculine emerged from the feminine. Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Sumeria held the crescent moon as representative of both the masculine and feminine. A crescent moon is in itself a symbol of transition and transformation as the moon moves through its cycles. There is symbolic significance to all the stages of the lunar cycle, from full moon, to waxing and waning and the rare occasions when the moon disappears - often as part of an eclipse.

For early farmers and agricultural societies - the very seed of modern civilization - there were often very strict guidelines that used the cycles and stages of the moon as a calendar for the planting and harvesting of crops, and for religious and civil ceremonies. The moon literally was the time-keeper for early cultures. Thus a crescent moon and a star represent the heavens and all that is divine, with powerful feminine overtones. That is a powerful tattoo symbol!

Crescent moon and stars tattoo design meanings 'Moon', the word itself, can be traced back to its ancient I...

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