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Big Fish Tattoos And Body Piercing
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Jaded Dragon Ii
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Scream'n Ink
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Freedom Tattoos
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Monster Ink
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Big Fish Tattoos
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3945 W Us Highway 190 # W
Belton, TX

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Hot Rod Tattoo Studio
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1533 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX
Happy Dragon Tattooing
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Aces Tattoos
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Bad Boyz Tattos
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Galveston, TX
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Circle tattoos

Circle tattoo design meanings Circle Tattoo Designs - It's easy to imagine the circle as prehistoric man's first symbol.  Early man was surrounded by circles, and the cycles of nature, from the moment he awoke to the first rays of the rising sun, until bedding down as the full moon rose in the night sky.  At night, the universe appeared to be made of countless tiny sparkling dots of light.  The circle was there when a person looked into another's eyes, and when they watched the concentric ripples of a pebble landing in a pond.  From the mountain top, a 360 degree view of the horizon revealed a world that was perfectly round.  Even the seasons were arranged in a predictable sequence.  Cosmic order, that's what the circle represented.  And it no surprise that some the first symbols depicted were representations of the solar and lunar aspects of the sun and the moon.

The circle is the perfect shape and symbol - simple, symmetrical, pure and profound - assuring us that the universe isn't hopelessly chaotic.  With no beginning and no end, the circle suggests eternity.  With its fullness, ripeness and pregnancy.  The full, unending curves of the circle soothes us by its association with the feminine principle.

Circle pictures

You can hardly go wrong by choosing the circle as a tattoo motif.  From the minimalist Zen circle, to an intricate Celtic knotwork ring, to any kind of motif manipulated into a circular shape, the circle is instantly understood as a sign of wholeness.  To wear a circle tattoo is to make a statement about your inner optimism and sense of inclusiveness - just as the wedding ring has long been used to express an inner commitment to fidelity and eternal love.  It is no accident that tattooed bands on fingers have become nearly as popular as a gold band in some circles...

Twenty five hundred years ago, the Buddha chose the Dharma Wheel as a teaching aid to represent the endless cycle of 'samsara' (continual rebirths on earth).  Liberation or freedom was possible if we stopped identifying with all the action at circumference of the wheel, and gravitated to the circle's centre, a place of pure observation.  Early students of Buddhism also took the wheel to represent their master's teachings, and how it could roll through a person's life inspiring radical spiritual change.  Prior to that, the Egyptians, Phoenicians and Greeks lent great significance to the circular motif of the snake eating its own tail.  This 'Ouroboros' was symbolic of the cyclical nature of creation-destruction-renewal-death-once-more-then-birth-and-on-like-that-forever-amen.  

Evidence of the circle's application by prehistoric peoples is nowhere more obvious than at Stonehenge in southern England. A circular arrangement of monolithic stones reflected an clear understanding of the relation of earth to the heavens.  It was used as an astronomical clock, as well a...

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