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Big Fish Tattoos And Body Piercing
(254) 933-8282
5141 W Us Highway 190
Belton, TX
Jaded Dragon Ii
(254) 200-2929
2301 E Central Texas Expy Ste 103
Killeen, TX
Texas Tattoo Emp.
(713) 807-7171
1540 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX
Bad Boyz Tattos
(409) 763-1396
4108 Seawall Blvd
Galveston, TX
Platinum Piercing
(210) 682-5239
5545 Nw Loop 410 Ste 103
San Antonio, TX
Big Fish Tattoos
(254) 933-8282
3945 W Us Highway 190 # W
Belton, TX

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House Of Pain Tattoo
(915) 855-8282
3028 Trawood Dr
El Paso, TX
Dennis Boe
(210) 520-0390
6866 Ingram Rd
San Antonio, TX
Resurrection Tattoos
(512) 851-8288
2108 S Lamar Blvd Ste D
Austin, TX
Only Forever
(817) 640-7817
2801 E Pioneer Pkwy
Arlington, TX
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Cattle brand tattoos

Cattle Brand Tattoo Designs - Cattle or Livestock Brand tattoo designs are an interesting take on Monogram and Ambigram tattoos. Monograms are traditionally used by individuals and companies to create a distinctive and recognizable logo out of a unique combination of the initials of their name. The initials, usually two or more, are often over-lapped, reversed or arranged in a distinctive pattern. Ambigram tattoos go one step further and are optical illusions where the arrangements of letters can be viewed in more than one manner.

Branding imagaes

The origin of livestock branding goes back several thousand years. The ancient Egyptian, Greeks and Romans marked livestock - and slaves - with hot irons. Prisoners and criminals might also be branded with marks that identified their crimes.

And branding is about identification, a brand is a mark or symbol of identity. It was originally meant to convey ownership and was also meant to deter theft. Lost or stolen animals without brands were nearly impossible to identify.

Livestock brands, particularly when used for cattle and horses in the American western frontier evolved into a language all their own. To the uninitiated, a brand may look no more familiar that an Egyptian hieroglyphic, but with a little practice, a pattern soon emerges.

Brands are created by using capital letters of the alphabet - although, if you are creating your own unique tattoo brand, there is no rule against going lowercase! - pictures or symbols, numbers and distinctive characters, most of which can be found on any keyboard, such as the slash /, circle O, cross +, bar _, star ∗, etc, with no limit to your imagination when it comes to dreaming up your own personal 'tattoo brand'.

Letters may be used alone, joined together, or, much as in a monogram, in interesting combinations. One of the really interesting and unique aspects of brands is the way that letters are displayed and described. Letters may be portrayed in an 'upright' or 'standing' position, in which case they are slightly elevated. A letter on its side, might be described as 'lying down' or 'lazy'. Upside down or reversed are known as 'crazy'.

As in a monogram, letters in a brand may also be said to be 'connected' if they touch or are over-lapped. Letters that are shown backwards are 'reversed'. A letter that is showing connected, but beneath a letter, may be described as 'hanging'. Letters that are tilted, may be said to be 'leaning' or 'running'. When the same letter is repeated, it may be referred to as a 'double' or a 'triple'. If a letter is within a partial circle, it may be called 'rocking' because of its resemblance to a rocking chair.

A picture brand is a brand of a symbol, perhaps a crescent, moon, star or stylized ladder.

There are three accepted conventions for reading brands:

1. Read from the left to right - RB (RB)

2. Read from the top to the bottom - K (Bar K)

3. When the brand is enclosed, say an ...

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