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Dyeing Rites Tattoo
(252) 333-1465
1016 W Ehringhaus St
Elizabeth City, NC
Wolfs Tattoo
(252) 264-5533
356 Ferry Rd
Hertford, NC
Ace In Hole Tattoo Inc
(252) 435-6200
237 Caratoke Hwy
Moyock, NC
O'mara Tattoo
(252) 331-2016
143 E Rich Blvd
Elizabeth City, NC

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Lucky 13 Tattoo Studios
(704) 658-9929
195 W Plaza Dr Ste A
Mooresville, NC
Wolfs Tattoo
(252) 335-5190
305 Hughes Blvd
Elizabeth City, NC
Little Empire LLC
(252) 426-3000
141 Ocean Hwy N
Durants Neck, NC
Mutiny Tattoo & Body Modification
(252) 491-5200
8717 Caratoke Hwy
Harbinger, NC
Cosmic Tatoos
(704) 334-2707
3927 Monroe Rd Ste A
Charlotte, NC
Rare Breed Tattooing & Body Piercings
(336) 436-0098
428 S Spring St
Burlington, NC
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Bull tattoos

meanings of bull tattoos symbols designs Bull Tattoos - The Bull is a symbol of power, strength, resurrection, masculinity, fertility, impulsiveness, fathers, kingship, and the Zodiac sign and constellation Taurus. The widespread presence of the Bull in many different and widespread cultural mythologies and early religions can be explained by the fact that cattle were among the first animals domesticated by man, in fact probably not longer after the Asian wolf became the household dog. Cattle were the first wealth in a shift from a hunter-gather society to an agrarian culture. This was a profound change in the organization of human social and political units and domesticated Cattle were a crucial source of reliable and dependable supplies of meat, milk, blood and all else that the carcass could provide.

The Bull straddles two opposites in the world of mythology and symbolism, in that it is both a solar and a lunar creature. The Bull's male fertility, fiery temperament, and role as father of the herd make him the masculine sun-god in many cults. Just as the lion is the king and terror of the beasts of the forest, the bull is the king of the farm and the personification of brute strength and power. The lion, the bull, and the sun are popular symbols of life and resurrection. The bull's crescent shaped horns link him to moon worship and symbolism although in some areas the sun is a bull while the moon is a cow.

Its association with the sun makes the Bull a symbol of the heavens, resurrection, and fire, while its association with the moon makes the Bull a symbol of earth, water, night, and death. This animal's masculinity is not diminished by its feminine lunar connections.

Check out different bull tattoo designs Bulls were sacrificial victims in many nations. Since their blood was believed to fertilize the earth, the sacrifice of a bull was sometimes associated with the death of winter and the return of spring. Bull sacrifices and bull fights are an expression of man's dominance over the Bull but also a recognition of the power and status that the Bull holds within the world of man. We recognize the Bull as the wild animal that must be tamed and subjugated in order to serve man.

In Ireland a heroic warrior might be called a "bull in battle" as a compliment upon his valor and ferocity. Bulls were also emblems of tyranny, death, ferocity, stubbornness, lust, brutality, and the Devil. In symbolism the lusty bull is the antithesis of the gentle, hardworking ox.

Bull outside New York Stock Exchange Bull cults abounded in the ancient world and survive today in such festivities as bullfights and bull-runs. As in Ancient Crete, where dancers leapt over the horns of bulls, these activities are thought to praise the superiority of humans over animals and pit the intellectual or spiritual faculties against brute force and instinct. Oddly enough, the bull being led to the arena is sometimes used to symbolize Christ being led to the cross. There is even a certain movement of the bullfighter's cape called the "Veronica Pass" ...

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