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Wolfs Tattoo
(252) 335-5190
305 Hughes Blvd
Elizabeth City, NC
Little Empire LLC
(252) 426-3000
141 Ocean Hwy N
Durants Neck, NC
Ace In Hole Tattoo Inc
(252) 435-6200
237 Caratoke Hwy
Moyock, NC
O'mara Tattoo
(252) 331-2016
143 E Rich Blvd
Elizabeth City, NC

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401 Tattoo And Art
(919) 239-0186
706 N Main Street
Fuquay Varina, NC
Dyeing Rites Tattoo
(252) 333-1465
1016 W Ehringhaus St
Elizabeth City, NC
Wolfs Tattoo
(252) 264-5533
356 Ferry Rd
Hertford, NC
Mutiny Tattoo & Body Modification
(252) 491-5200
8717 Caratoke Hwy
Harbinger, NC
Madhouse Tattoo Studio
(828) 894-5449
307 E Mills St
Columbus, NC
Little Johns Infinite Art Tattoo Inc
(336) 275-7161
1225 W Lee St
Greensboro, NC
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Bird of Paradise tattoos

Bird of Paradise tattoo designs Bird of Paradise Tattoo Designs - Bird of Paradise tattoo designs can be found popping up in the most interesting of places, from the artwork of Greg Irons - iconoclastic San Francisco-based tattoo artist and graphic artist in the 60's and 70's - to the traditional Japanese tattooing of previous centuries. What is the attraction? The Bird of Paradise is the 'Diva' of the avian world, the flashy cousin of the raven and crow. The Bird of Paradise was rumoured to have come from the heavenly realms, where it soared through paradise without ever touching the earth. In fact, most of the species are endemic to the forested highlands of New Guinea and nearby islands, but they can also be found in Indonesia and eastern Australia. But the bird, and its legend, have travelled far afield and captured the imagination of people and cultures around the world. It is a testament to the extraordinary beauty of this winged vision.

The Bird of Paradise is a visual extravaganza, its display plumage a cornucopia of vivid reds, oranges, yellows, blues, blacks, and iridescent greens, that stand out against its more functional feathers and the backdrop of the jungle canopy it calls home. This is the calling card of the male bird of paradise, graced with the colours of the rainbow for the purpose of attracting females, who are in comparison are dull in colour (the better to escape predators and raise her offspring in relative anonymity).

The first European to file a report on the bird of paradise had this to say about it: "It was like a meteor whose body, cutting through the air, leaves a long trail of light."

Their extravagant appearance is a symbol to some people of elaborate thoughts, a healthy disregard for worldly concerns, and even suggests a special closeness to God, or at the very least, the favor of God.

Bird of Paradise

Above all, the bird of paradise symbolizes just that - paradise -- and the miracle of life on earth. Because the bird is usually depicted in flight, those persons wearing a Bird of Paradise tattoo may be announcing to the world that their psychic kinship is with beings who prefer to 'rise above it all'.

Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is a solitary tree dweller. Each species possesses its own shrill cry or whistle, and each male keeps his own well-guarded territory. Their flight is slow, perhaps because their habitat is not far reaching, and because they are not a migratory bird. The sexes have little contact with each other outside of mating season when the male's intricate seduction display resembles a wild dance.

Bird of Paradise

National flag of Papau New GuineaNew Guineans are said to have copied the rituals of the Bird of Paradise. Their traditional dances still evoke the bird's mating exhibition, its strut and stomp and, above all, its flamboyant plumage, which is said to symbolize the spirit flying. Anthropologist Gillian Gillison says, "By wearing the feathers, you get back the part of yourself that living takes away. You capture the animal...

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