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New Needle Tattoo
(615) 740-0506
239 Dickson Plaza Dr
Dickson, TN
Art Smart Tatoo
(615) 441-2040
100 Lewis Hollow Rd
Dickson, TN

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Bears Den Tatooing and Body Piercing
(731) 423-3689
50A Bolivar Hwy
Jackson, TN
Tattoo Technique && Body Jewelry
(931) 906-3563
129 Franklin St
Clarksville, TN
Absolute Art Tattoo & Piercing Inc
(423) 542-3101
1970 W Elk Ave
Elizabethton, TN
Lotus Tattoo & Body Piercing
(615) 441-5800
124 S Main St
Dickson, TN

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Straight Edge Tattoo && Body Piercing
(615) 848-0123
800 Park Ave Ste O
Murfreesboro, TN
Evolution Body Art
(865) 584-4414
6910 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN
All American Tattoo Co
(931) 431-2040
2805 Fort Campbell Blvd
Clarksville, TN
Ink-N-U Tattoos
(931) 968-0137
903 S College St
Winchester, TN
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Bird tattoos

Bird Tattoos - Birds, real and fabled, have long been among the most popular of all the tattoo designs and symbols for over a hundred years. It is difficult to imagine American tattooing without the Eagle or Japanese tattooing without the Phoenix. Birds are powerful metaphors for our moods and phases of life. All over the world, birds have been chosen to represent the widest range of human emotions and every country and culture has stories and myths were birds play central roles. In the Iban and Dayak culture of Borneo, the Argus Pheasant is renowned for having the very first tattoo, until copied by men of course - so that they too could be as beautiful as the Argus Pheasant.

The gentle Dove provokes feelings of devotion, human and divine, while the flirtatious Partridge and the proud Cockerel have become symbols of amorous gentlemen. The symbol of the Rooster is synonymous with the proud heritage of France. Geese choose mates for life and are popular symbols for conjugal bliss.  The little Mexican parrot, so affectionate it snuggles up close to its partner, has been called Lovebird, and is now officially referred to as such, and is a favourite family pet. 

Argus Pheasant

Bird tattoo designs Parrots are prominently featured in Nautical Tattooing, symbolic as they are of exotic and far-off foreign ports of call.  Swallows and Bluebirds are also closely associated with sailors and a life at sea. It is no accident that Johhny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean has a tattooed outline of a swallow on his forearm!

With their beaks and feathers -- and most of all their wings -- birds have provided the human imagination with signs and symbols that tell the story of the human journey from birth right up until the moment the soul leaves the earthly realm on its flight to the great Beyond.

The Egyptian god, Atum, chose a bird to appear at the very moment of creation.  This was the stork-like 'Benu'. For the Vikings and Goths, birds of prey were symbols of victorious conquests.  Odin and other Norse Gods were often accompanied by Ravens who were seen as particularly wise and clever birds.  In North America, both Ravens and Crows are seen as tricksters and shape-shifters among First Nations people. They are birds often associated with Shamans and Medicine Men.  Among the Haida of the Pacific Northwest, the people identify themselves as belonging to either the Eagle or the Raven Clan. And for the Haida, Raven was the creator of the world, stealing the sun from where it was hidden in a box and allowing it to shine. Among the peoples of the Iroquoi Federation, there are both Heron and Snipe Clans.

The Bible refers to 'the courtesy of the Rooster' for its habit of calling his flock to eat before he takes his turn. And in China, the elegant Crane is considered the bird of happiness. The Swallow, often referred to as the Bluebird, is everywhere a good omen, and ...

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