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Badger tattoos

Badger tattoo designs Badger Tattoo Designs - The badger is either fierce, strong, and shy - or aggressive and anti-social - depending on your respect or antipathy for this nocturnal creature.

Many people came to first know the badger in Kenneth Graham's, The Wind in the Willows. Mr. Badger is a gruff, solitary figure who 'hates society'. But he is also the wise hermit, and proves himself brave, cooperating in times of need to keep the enemy away. In that famous story, the badger is the symbol of common sense.

In the wild, the badger frequently cleans out its den and changes its straw bedding, making it a good example of domestic order and cleanliness. As an animal that digs deep into the earth, the badger has links to the mysteries and magic of the underworld, as well as to the spirits of animals and plants. For anyone seeking a symbol of the balance between that which lies beneath the earth to that which lies above, the badger is a great teacher.

This is a compact and muscular animal, standing about 30 cm in height and a metre in length. It has family ties with otters and weasels. It's famous for its teeth, particularly the incisors, which are so powerful that gypsies and gamblers have been known to carry them as tokens of protection and good luck. The badger paw symbol is worn by those indicating the presence of the spirit animal in their lives, or wishing to call on its power. It is believed that catching sight of badger tracks signifies health and strength.

photo of a badger

The badger makes its home on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as in Africa and Asia. In Europe, it is believed that the badger's activities are a forecaster of coming weather. For the Chinese, it is a lunar animal and a shape-shifter.

In winter, the badger is a 'fair weather' animal, keeping to its den until it senses warmth in the outside world. It will then emerge and take advantage of some winter sunshine. The best time for badgers is the late spring, when it fully reclaims its faculties.

As a Native American spirit guide , the badger represents positive attributes that reflect its natural characteristics. As a fierce and tenacious hunter, it is a symbol of courage and determination. It is honoured for its self-reliance and cunning, and for its strategy and defense, and is a powerful symbol as a protector of the family. It is also a symbol of wisdom in choosing friends, perhaps because of its partnership with the coyote. With their powerful forelegs, badgers can root out rodents from their holes, but can't compete with them in the chase. The coyote can, and together their shared skills make for a successful hunting team.

As a totem, the badger plays a role as the keeper of medicinal roots. Knowledge of the treasures that lie under the earth - herbs, plants, minerals - has made the badger symbolic of wisdom, knowledge, and natural healing. Its nocturnal and solitary nature has earned it the status of 'keeper of stories'.

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