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Dyeing Rites Tattoo
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1016 W Ehringhaus St
Elizabeth City, NC
Little Empire LLC
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141 Ocean Hwy N
Durants Neck, NC
Ace In Hole Tattoo Inc
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237 Caratoke Hwy
Moyock, NC
O'mara Tattoo
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143 E Rich Blvd
Elizabeth City, NC

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Michelle Russell
(704) 639-0120
136 N Green St
Salisbury, NC
Wolfs Tattoo
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305 Hughes Blvd
Elizabeth City, NC
Wolfs Tattoo
(252) 264-5533
356 Ferry Rd
Hertford, NC
Mutiny Tattoo & Body Modification
(252) 491-5200
8717 Caratoke Hwy
Harbinger, NC
Vertigo Tattoo && Body Piercing Inc
(252) 475-3541
P O Box 266
Manns Harbor, NC
Port City Tattoo
(910) 793-0102
1305 S College Rd
Wilmington, NC
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8 Ball tattoos

Eight Ball Tattoos - Eight Ball tattoo designs can have several different meanings and its symbolism is dependent on the context in which it is used. A standard 'rack' of balls on a billiard or pool table contains fifteen numbered balls and the eight ball, which is always solid black, falls squarely in the middle. The first seven balls - one to seven -that precede the eight ball are solid coloured, and the seven balls after the eight ball - nine to fifteen - are striped. A 'cue ball' which is solid white is used to play the other balls and make shots, using pool cues (basically long sticks).

A routine game of pool starts with one player breaking the racked pool balls with the 'cue' (solid white) ball - the balls are contained within a wooden triangle at one end of the pool table to create the formation - and attempting to sink a ball into one of the four corner pockets or two side pockets located on a pool table. If a player sinks a ball off the break, either solid or coloured, the player may continue to shoot and attempt to sink all the balls within that grouping.

Eight Ball tattoo design ideas If a player sinks both a coloured ball and a solid ball, the player may choose which grouping of balls to play. If a player sinks all of their balls off of the break, finishing by sinking the eight ball, this is called 'running the table' and is a sign of superior skill and luck. The game has been won without the other player ever having an opportunity to make a shot.

Depending upon the rules under which the players are engaged, if the first player can sink the eight ball off breaking the rack, that player automatically wins the game. This is an extraordinarily rare event and akin to winning the lottery. In such circumstances, sinking the eight ball is very lucky and fortuitous.

If during the game either player sinks the eight ball before sinking all of their balls, they automatically lose the game. After sinking all of their solid or striped balls, a player must sink the eight ball in order to win the game. Failure to sink the eight ball on a called shot results in the loss of the game. In this instance the eight ball represents bad luck and misfortune.

The expression "behind the eight ball" refers to being in a poor strategic position on the pool table. Pool, and the placement of the cue ball after a shot, is a very strategic game. An opponent may make a shot that deliberately puts the other player in a poor position to make a shot, or put them in danger of losing by causing them to sink the eight ball. In this instance the eight ball is symbolic of the capriciousness of fate.

Pool and billiards are often played for money in pool halls and betting on the outcome of games is not uncommon. In fact there are players who make their living by playing pool professionally, or by placing bets on the outcomes of games or a series of games. Players of differing abilities may play each other by the better player 'spotting' an opponent several balls or b...

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